Sam Sutter Announces Campaign for Mayor of Fall River

Released at: October 23, 2014
Contact: Sam Sutter

Today, I obtained nomination papers to become a candidate for Mayor of Fall River in the recall election currently scheduled for December 16th. At the present time, however, those of us who live in Fall River do not know whether there will definitely be a recall election, or what the exact guidelines of the recall election will be. We are not certain whether the Superior Court will determine that the recall election should go forward or what the exact date of the recall election will be or whether the current mayor will be allowed to run in the election to succeed himself in the event he is recalled. With all of this uncertainty, and out of respect for the legal process, I do not think I should officially begin my campaign until after the Superior Court hearing next week is concluded.

I can say, though, that Fall River is in turmoil right now, and I fervently believe that true leadership, managerial competence, integrity and civility need to be restored to our city. I know that my experience successfully leading a countywide governmental organization like the district attorney’s office puts me in a unique position to lead Fall River into a new era of prosperity and respect. I am positive I can do for city government exactly what I did to turn around the district attorney’s office, that in 2006 was beset by a myriad of problems, and now has become a model state agency. I am convinced I can deliver the same positive results to Fall River that I did as district attorney for Bristol County.

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